Beware of Fake Reviewers! ⚠️

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Just a heads up to double check where you get your info from - Fake Tech and smartphone Reviews exist!
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Knowledge Trendz
Knowledge Trendz 10 tundi tagasi
8:28 I underestimated your sense of humour. Passionfruit iPhoney 12 Teaser 1 view 0 likes 0 dislikes
Janky Jim
Janky Jim 23 tundi tagasi
this reveiw is fake
Nk Gamer
Nk Gamer Päev tagasi
Rick Roll'd again
Monster Gaymer
Monster Gaymer Päev tagasi
that A in the thumbnail looking sussy
CHUNKY boi Päev tagasi
Passion fruit Iphoney is the best lol
romi g
romi g Päev tagasi
2:30 even google is rickrolling us now
Fenriz Nobile
Fenriz Nobile 2 päeva tagasi
2:30 No.
Fenriz Nobile
Fenriz Nobile 2 päeva tagasi
Arrich Christian Animation
Arrich Christian Animation 2 päeva tagasi
We got rickrolled
Kundukulangara Gamer
Kundukulangara Gamer 2 päeva tagasi
I Only Watch MrWhoseTheBoss
Behakeem Tech Tube
Behakeem Tech Tube 2 päeva tagasi
"when the magician falls to produce good magic tricks he will go to revile other magicians secret" bro do not go to that line focus on your craft I like your video so much
erekle KVETENADZE 2 päeva tagasi
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 2 päeva tagasi
what is arun watchin in 3D tho 🤔👀
Naked Owners
Naked Owners 2 päeva tagasi
You just pointed out everything that is wrong with EEexs and why its becoming a non event, waste of time. A fail that will be left to high school students who just have an opinion no one gives a fuck about.
Asry Andy
Asry Andy 2 päeva tagasi
Arun: mentioned "faceless" reviewers TheRelaxingEnd: HOLD UP! ☝🏻
Nilay Didolkar
Nilay Didolkar 2 päeva tagasi
I don't entirely agree with the faceless theory. Some people may not find it comfortable enough to face a camera but yeah the content needs to be genuine.
Jayanth Devaraneni
Jayanth Devaraneni 2 päeva tagasi
his outro is super satisfying
JNOIRAMC 2 päeva tagasi
not just on phones..
Konstantinos B
Konstantinos B 3 päeva tagasi
You are the only tech EEexsr I trust these days.
ever fit
ever fit 3 päeva tagasi
My bestie who is gonna do her youtube channel about art WITHOUT showing her face cause she doesn't want except she don't scam:
Hayden 3 päeva tagasi
saddam tousif
saddam tousif 3 päeva tagasi
Love you bro🙃 You are the best in the business. Jut keep doing what you are doing. You are#1 #Peace🥰
Vatsal 3 päeva tagasi
2:32 did you just rickroll us? Bruh
Legna Rodriguez
Legna Rodriguez 3 päeva tagasi
I'm glad i watched your video before making my decision and buying the s21 ultra ❤
Mr Reject
Mr Reject 3 päeva tagasi
1:44 😂
Joe sherow Juraini
Joe sherow Juraini 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah i got excited when he said give us the mi 11 pro.
Louay Hatem
Louay Hatem 4 päeva tagasi
you are one of the very few favorites EEexsrs... keep the good work.
Nolan Rawlings huff
Nolan Rawlings huff 4 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail: AMOGUS
Da Unknoown
Da Unknoown 4 päeva tagasi
I realized he's been doing fake reviews this whole time 😂
An Odd One
An Odd One 4 päeva tagasi
Don't you do unboxing impressions all the time too
Ace Hawk
Ace Hawk 4 päeva tagasi
I’ve always watched only you and unboxtherapy
D'SCRYPT {Prod by Soun'Knox]
D'SCRYPT {Prod by Soun'Knox] 5 päeva tagasi
But I can say the same about your content
Mikaël Neves
Mikaël Neves 5 päeva tagasi
thumbnail is sus
Swagpie 5 päeva tagasi
Epic matrix theory: Arun is actually "fake" because the original Arun had his cap facing forward not back! This links to the title!
Levi Sabey
Levi Sabey 6 päeva tagasi
Great video
Marko Paripovic
Marko Paripovic 6 päeva tagasi
Yeah, watchout for those reviewers, some of them might be impostors! If so make sure to report them to whichever website you saw them on so they can get ejected.
Nit123 Reg456
Nit123 Reg456 6 päeva tagasi
Apple's channel has turned comments off? ? ?
moi 999
moi 999 6 päeva tagasi
funny i found this vid cause i've been watching a bunch of A52 reviews and there's 1 vid with 1 photo that i'm 100% certain using a photo taken by professional grade camera (very detailed, sharp image of buildings from far)... it's funny that i could get better sample photos on shopee reviews than on youtube
I AM KHAN 6 päeva tagasi
This person is honest . Bright future
Epicly 6 päeva tagasi
The a in the thumbnail is SUS
magicarp2018 6 päeva tagasi
srsl he rickroll us in every single video
Balázs Ádám Rácz
Balázs Ádám Rácz 6 päeva tagasi
The letter "A" in the thumbnail looks kinda sus
Bigstev 67
Bigstev 67 6 päeva tagasi
2:29 a little Rick toll there
Noob 7 päeva tagasi
You rickrolled us
Cheryl Hamilton
Cheryl Hamilton 7 päeva tagasi
Some are these fakers aren't to very good at this.
Mahita Tazmeen
Mahita Tazmeen 7 päeva tagasi
I remember in 2019 There were rumours of a new iPhone The iPhone 12 People were making a BILLION fake reviews of it One person even said they had the iPhone 13 It was pretty funny ngl Also Rick-roll alert at 2:31
Zachy Bee TV
Zachy Bee TV 7 päeva tagasi
2:31 why you try to rickroll us
Rahul Bairagi
Rahul Bairagi 7 päeva tagasi
I like the video most when you said, "your time is valuable."
Riar manYT
Riar manYT 7 päeva tagasi
2:31 😶
Megan Ruderham
Megan Ruderham 7 päeva tagasi
Thank you so much for the things to look out for in a fake review!!!
Animalla Siva Teja
Animalla Siva Teja 7 päeva tagasi
Dislikes of 1.4k from those channel owner 🤔?
Ayush arts
Ayush arts 7 päeva tagasi
2:31 wow nice photos
finlayyearsley Guitar
finlayyearsley Guitar 7 päeva tagasi
And with the gaming review, even if they where from China and had the phone, you can’t play global pubg in China
Anonymous 8 päeva tagasi
You always find a way to rickroll us
Sudipto dey
Sudipto dey 8 päeva tagasi
By fake you TECHNECAL GURUJI ??..
Tosit udgata
Tosit udgata 8 päeva tagasi
No Name
No Name 8 päeva tagasi
Old hat. I remember approximately 20 years ago PC Magazine reviewing some hardware where the reviewer conveniently stated he didn’t test a particular feature (heading off at the pass those inquiring minds that would have asked about the omission if left unmentioned) but still recommended the product. How about the more recent Consumer Reports review that gave a particular Tesla auto a rating of 103 (obviously maximum is 100, but in Consumer Reports judgement I guess musta been beyond perfect) and getting blasted for the over-the-top rating because owners of the particular model chimed in to inform the world that it was a subpar/mediocre auto. How about reviews that at the end state they are collected as part of a promotion, one-word reviews, different reviews that follow a particular script (same/similar language, tone, etc.) etc. etc. etc.
b u t t e r f l y
b u t t e r f l y 9 päeva tagasi
what about Kevin Breeze? are they fake? :( i love their reviews
•YukiDoki• 9 päeva tagasi
That ‘A’ on the thumbnail looks sus
Anonymous 9 päeva tagasi
Chubby Cloud
Chubby Cloud 9 päeva tagasi
Fergusand Latimer
Fergusand Latimer 9 päeva tagasi
ₜₕₑ ₐ ₗₒₒₖₛ ₗᵢₖₑ ₐₘₒₙ𝓰 ᵤₛ
Be Alone
Be Alone 9 päeva tagasi
Kevin Savasci
Kevin Savasci 10 päeva tagasi
Dislikes are FROM FAKE REVIEWERS as usual.
Sammie Tatze
Sammie Tatze 10 päeva tagasi
4:48 wth are u doing
macaroniandgamer 4856
macaroniandgamer 4856 10 päeva tagasi
time to hate comment (lol)
Dennis de Jager
Dennis de Jager 10 päeva tagasi
Hi Arun, I noticed the exact same thing when I went on a new search for a new phone, it almost seems "Machine Learning generated videos" Name almost seems based on popular EEexs searches and content seems grabbed from the depths of the internets. One thing I did notice: the channels are never verified. Could have also been a tip to your viewers. Unfortunately EEexs does not allow searching on only verified accounts, but in this case you clearly see the little checkmark in the search results. I love your channel, so I subscribed and I look forward to watching your old content as well!
SAMSON GAMING 10 päeva tagasi
Why are we taking tension we aren't scamming
Daniel Yyy408
Daniel Yyy408 11 päeva tagasi
RACER X 11 päeva tagasi
This has been going on for a while on Amazon. What can you expect when society is functioning like a teen on instagram or tik tok? Vicious world. Lets not talk about what happens when money gets involved with lazy people.
Cube Cat
Cube Cat 11 päeva tagasi
That "A" in the thumbnail is looking kinda sus
V1SPR GAMING 9 päeva tagasi
Fearless Cupcake
Fearless Cupcake 12 päeva tagasi
4:35 = Everybuddy loses
kingroblox1251 12 päeva tagasi
2:31 Easter egg
Rangona Tech
Rangona Tech 12 päeva tagasi
greate content 👍
Janene Lynda
Janene Lynda 12 päeva tagasi
The unbecoming queen evolutionarily precede because sweets relatedly handle amid a quixotic wallaby. glib, maniacal banjo
Xerxes 13 päeva tagasi
why is ur quality up to 2160p holy crpa dude what????????
BeastBeats Gamers
BeastBeats Gamers 13 päeva tagasi
that A in the thumbnail is sus
L 13 päeva tagasi
The A in that thumbnail look sus 👀
Addictive Gaming
Addictive Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
2:31 All results are Rick astley 🤣🤣🤣
G S 13 päeva tagasi
Finally somebody talking real. Reallyti about phones. I believe vivo phones x50 x60 fake reviews.
ChInTaN 13 päeva tagasi
Dammit I got rickrolled again
mryeet01 13 päeva tagasi
BTW it's called clickbait
hira rajkumar
hira rajkumar 13 päeva tagasi
All the best brother... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻
Arbi Gjylbegaj
Arbi Gjylbegaj 13 päeva tagasi
The coolest thing i tgis video is Arun s' cap.
Arbi Gjylbegaj
Arbi Gjylbegaj 13 päeva tagasi
5:12 One thi g that doesn' t make sense is that in the top right cornter there is a fullscreen icon at the qi dow but also there are the three dots at the top left corner in witch there is also a follscreen icon.
ItzJustAlex 13 päeva tagasi
am I the only one who's seeing amogus in the thumbnail?
AxCx Predator
AxCx Predator 14 päeva tagasi
How can you always smile?
Underplayer 2211
Underplayer 2211 14 päeva tagasi
Me sees images of rickrolls at 2:31 : Ah i see what happened there
Zervertech 14 päeva tagasi
no way, he rick rolled us when he typed in "photos"
mengjia liang
mengjia liang 14 päeva tagasi
How did you get the event summit chip? Is it a replica?
Azraf Mohammad
Azraf Mohammad 14 päeva tagasi
Review redmi note 10 pro max😑😑
Nadica Grbic
Nadica Grbic 14 päeva tagasi
amog us thumbanil
Electrix /\/\/\
Electrix /\/\/\ 14 päeva tagasi
2:30 NOOOOoooo I got rickrolled
Cris Quilala
Cris Quilala 15 päeva tagasi
Thanks for this information. I'm glad im only subscribed to 3 YT channels of this kind of contents. mrwhosetheboss, MKBHD and for a different prespective JerryRigg 👍
AMtelVidia 15 päeva tagasi
I particularly hate comparison videos where you see the two phones in the thumbnail only to find out that it's actually just a slide show of the different specs on each side of the screen. instant dislike and report for spam.
Hi Man
Hi Man 15 päeva tagasi
salt pepper
salt pepper 15 päeva tagasi
dont have high expectations on POCO phones working well in USA, if at all! do your homework before buying!
Breax 15 päeva tagasi
Pepa pig funny
Pepa pig funny 15 päeva tagasi
Pepa pig funny
Pepa pig funny 15 päeva tagasi
2.31 got rick rooled
MusicSippy 15 päeva tagasi
This video make me dont trust other tech youtuber
Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?
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