15 Smartphone FAILS to ruin your day 😂

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My Top 15 most Disastrous Smartphone fails of all time till 2020, (Episode 5), from the Galaxy Note 20 to the Microsoft Surface Duo, to PLENTY more!
Episode 1: eeexs.info/dash/e6afZNuYpHaBeWU/video
Episode 2: eeexs.info/dash/kqamZLGbZoR0ino/video
Episode 3: eeexs.info/dash/oZZ3dZWdeKJ5g20/video
Episode 4: eeexs.info/dash/fX9tmbaOaYOdhG0/video
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William Vangorden
William Vangorden 17 minutit tagasi
I would say what Google Map are you using because the one today Sucks it's 2010 all over again.
Rivka Bronshteyn
Rivka Bronshteyn Tund tagasi
Wow. Just cuz theres nothing special abt the note20 he gives it a fail. Wow. I usually like his vids but this one is🙁👎. I like the vids when talks abt how bad apple is is
Vinícius Schadeck
Vinícius Schadeck 8 tundi tagasi
i totally buy a glass panel that actually are a smartphone with transparent components inside it! could be only battery and some other stuff with silicon portions of chipset visible will be awesome!
Jacob Harper
Jacob Harper 8 tundi tagasi
Click bait
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 8 tundi tagasi
It’s not clickbait lol, the video mentions everything shown in the thumbnail and title
Arian Mokarami
Arian Mokarami 9 tundi tagasi
Finally he plays among us my favourite game thumbnail
fr rf
fr rf 10 tundi tagasi
I've been watching this series and 1 thing I realized is that, they were no oppo or vivo phone so far
VerboseBody213 YT
VerboseBody213 YT 15 tundi tagasi
18:45 *Hmm* *PhoneSite.sus* Had me dead
maheen sabeen
maheen sabeen 15 tundi tagasi
I just remebered LG hired AZZYLAND to promote tne LG wing🤯.And for those who dont know what LG means i didnt know about the meaning and im not sayiny yall are dumb but it means life good.sorry if i offended you.😖😣😓🥺
Jon Do
Jon Do 18 tundi tagasi
No not every developer is a web developer. The Mozilla phone was really stupid, they should have focus on their browser which was a great choice for power users but they crippled that browser by trying to copy Chrome.
Gabriel Shen
Gabriel Shen Päev tagasi
Everyone laughing at the LG wing but no one remembers that Tony Stark in the first iron man was using a phone similar to the LG wing in the opening of the movie.
Emma Lachman
Emma Lachman Päev tagasi
Garmin isn't "one of the leaders in navigation" they ARE the leader in navigation. They sell GPS, Nautical GPS, and the one I'm familiar with. Aviation GPS. I've worked with Germans and other companies when it comes to displays, glass cockpits, autopilot, and radio, Garmin seamlessly works. I've flown one aircraft with Garmin autopilot, it hooks into the GPS and navigates through it. No need for a bulky dedicated Autopilot. Garmin g1000 is hands-down the best navigation equipment I've ever used. The g500 replaces one instrument and completely changed the way I flew. Garmin is the best. They may not be as good as Google Maps when it comes to street navigating, but I can say in the air, there is no better option. I've heard great things about their Nautical GPS to but I cant attest to that.
coni3000 Päev tagasi
21:14 ho is the reviewer ? , on N#1 the mediatek one ... "sources" changes from qualcom to mediatek... and shows the video of some reviewer.. but no name/channel, would like to see that review...
Brodee Raney
Brodee Raney Päev tagasi
You should just work for apple and become a like wise of Steve jobs
Guntas Singh Gill
Guntas Singh Gill Päev tagasi
Too much ads these days 🥸🥸
Auramus Päev tagasi
I have the LG Wing and I absolutely love it! The mechanism feels very smooth and satisfying and it is so handy for for example typing or shopping on Amazon while watching a Video.
Yeet 51
Yeet 51 Päev tagasi
They weren't faking photos they're just showing on their websites, how good the screen can display
Kishore Murali
Kishore Murali Päev tagasi
Kishore Murali
Kishore Murali Päev tagasi
Kundukulangara Gamer
Kundukulangara Gamer Päev tagasi
Its Just Trail And Error Method Guys
Mateus Mendonça
Mateus Mendonça 2 päeva tagasi
We have a term most often used in gaming when companies use edited screenshots of their in development games to promote how advanced the graphics are (which pales in comparison to what we get to see at home): it's called a Bullshot. I think it also applies to the DSLR scandal. Those are pretty much bullshots 😂
SkaroniumHunter 2 päeva tagasi
I love how I got an advert for the Samsung Note whilst watching this 😂
Streax 2 päeva tagasi
I would like to have a phone with no cameras
Chiara Perez
Chiara Perez 2 päeva tagasi
"every one remembers".."so you might have heard of"..."remember when"......👁 👄👁..when your a kid and know nothing of the old phones, or anything your talking about besides iPhone and Samsung
Chiara Perez
Chiara Perez 2 päeva tagasi
i am still wondering, why cant all these companies come together, to make every part of the phone that they know the best to do amazing, instead of making the phone only that, imagine how amazing that phone would be
Chiara Perez
Chiara Perez 2 päeva tagasi
13:20..bro omg, why he so funny tho
Chiara Perez
Chiara Perez 2 päeva tagasi
4:31 😂
MALLELA MANIKUMAR 2 päeva tagasi
List of failed mobiles Jio phone 1,2,3 Freedom mobile scam
LUCA CHAN 3 päeva tagasi
This is why I’ve heard that LG company will cut all their phones production line in July 2021. ( a reminder to all folks )
SKT-Wolfboy 3 päeva tagasi
How does he know all this
Daniel_S English
Daniel_S English 3 päeva tagasi
The best as always. Thanks
Jessie BCC
Jessie BCC 3 päeva tagasi
Iron Man had some kind of old fashioned LG Wing the second part I think, not sure which one
Zhai Studio
Zhai Studio 3 päeva tagasi
2020-2021Asus getting worse, just Focusing on their gaming phone, iam using asus zenfone max pro m1, they promise us to give stable android 10, but guess what, we run android 10 beta with so many bug for 1 years ,and now it almost 2 years, asus zenfone max pro m1 still dont get stable update, thats why i dont using Asus phone anymore, i move to xiaomi with better update better phone
Soundwave 3 päeva tagasi
Dude, the LG Wing is awesome! Try watching a movie on the train and texting at the same time. Impossible!
Junior Ramirez
Junior Ramirez 4 päeva tagasi
UNEA MV 4 päeva tagasi
LG Wing is great and awesome I think it deserve more then it looks
Vipera 4 päeva tagasi
How about the Nokia Lumia 920, where they showed how great their camera captured videos in the ads, only to miss that a reflection from a window showed that it was actually filmed by a proper video camera?
espresso cookie
espresso cookie 4 päeva tagasi
My phone has a Qualcomm chip and my phone is fast as fuck
Robbo Ironink
Robbo Ironink 4 päeva tagasi
The best Garmin product that had a deal with another company, in this case, Escort makers of radar detection technology was their Passport IQ. It was top of the line radar detection and Garmin GPS. A 7” x 3” touch screen that worked great. I still use it. As for a phone with gps it sounds a bit redundant. I think every mobile phone has gps and if not, there’s a thousand apps that can be downloaded. Sometimes things work well in R&D, other times, not so much. Especially when it comes to the real world.
Mats-Åke Elofsson
Mats-Åke Elofsson 4 päeva tagasi
I actually own the Note 20 since launch and to be honest, the pen-function is horrible. I could just as well have gotten the s20, because that's basically how I use it anyway.
Tom Boosh
Tom Boosh 4 päeva tagasi
Samsung galaxy a70 photos were not as good as they were said to be, I used to have one it looked like it needed anti-antialiasing
Rudra Thorat
Rudra Thorat 4 päeva tagasi
4:29 had me dying
Se7en Event Mangemnt
Se7en Event Mangemnt 4 päeva tagasi
Lg wing is rather a mix version of Lg double play screen and LgVx9400 swivel mechanism ... just a small feed back to ur nice vdo!! 👍
Andile Excellent
Andile Excellent 4 päeva tagasi
I've never seen Nokia Phones in your reviews 😅🤦
Agent Shreff
Agent Shreff 4 päeva tagasi
Phonesite.sus lol
The Fundamentalist
The Fundamentalist 5 päeva tagasi
Anjanaditya Singh
Anjanaditya Singh 5 päeva tagasi
I was going to buy the LG Wing and this appeared 😅
Andrian Lazariuc
Andrian Lazariuc 5 päeva tagasi
LET'S GO with 7 mil subscribers !!!!!!!
Jason mouton
Jason mouton 5 päeva tagasi
The right phone in the thumb nail is called a lg wing my uncle has one
Δthulx 5 päeva tagasi
Is Bartec Pixavi phones a failure
MEL Mel 5 päeva tagasi
🙏🙏🙏🙏 bro I can't afford phones like you but 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 could you give me a phone you don't want
Andrei Paolo Catabay
Andrei Paolo Catabay 5 päeva tagasi
The left is lg not samsung
Jude I'Anson
Jude I'Anson 5 päeva tagasi
11:49. Sus
Cody Cosper
Cody Cosper 6 päeva tagasi
Doogie is doodie
Drake Fish
Drake Fish 6 päeva tagasi
I want to see a review of the lg velvet
Zoe gamming
Zoe gamming 6 päeva tagasi
thanks i hate it
Tennis Boy
Tennis Boy 6 päeva tagasi
This is the first time watching your videos, and you look, sound and basically are tech smart. I was wondering if you could do a video on the best budget monitors/computers for people of younger aged (high school) 🎾
Feldsher Gaming
Feldsher Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
Samsung was not harmed during the making of this video😂
Ayibaebi Iyeritei
Ayibaebi Iyeritei 6 päeva tagasi
I thought samsung will be more , I didn't expect this from samsung😔😔
Mr Yoshi
Mr Yoshi 7 päeva tagasi
chino Scott
chino Scott 7 päeva tagasi
I like how he’s never talked about an iPhone 😂
Mosept Yagami
Mosept Yagami 7 päeva tagasi
“One of the worst phones to ever be made” “6/10”
BOMBZ 7 päeva tagasi
4:30 a cool funny play on Passionfruit
A N O N Y M O U S 7 päeva tagasi
I am using the phone with mediatek helio g95🥺 No.1 failure broke my heart💔
Ali 7 päeva tagasi
ileOz Gaming YT
ileOz Gaming YT 7 päeva tagasi
LG Wing be like online class and gaming together 🤣🔥
Typhoon gaming
Typhoon gaming 7 päeva tagasi
Hmm mmm knokia 🤔
danteelite 7 päeva tagasi
I almost bought the Note 20 because it lacks the dumb ass curved screen... I HATE it. Add that to a fail list! Why curve the edges of a screen period, but WHY curve the screen when you’re meant to use a pen that slides off the edges of the screen!?!? So dumb. I used my phone for art for years and that single feature caused so much rage and irritation as it constantly messed me up or got in the way. No one makes a stylus phone as good as Samsung, but they’ve slowly lost my respect and my business since my favorite phone, the note 5 and matching note 12 tablet. So sad... they used to actually be good devices.
Joseph Scarpaci
Joseph Scarpaci 8 päeva tagasi
LG wing stock prices after this video 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Sgt. Lagger LP
Sgt. Lagger LP 8 päeva tagasi
If Sony phones wouldnt have 21:9 Screens :/
One Si
One Si 8 päeva tagasi
what does this guy think tablet hardware is running on? :D :D :D
Chris Bro
Chris Bro 8 päeva tagasi
that's good to know but u forgot to factor 1 thing bro.. when I got my s20 made in Vietnam it felt cheap as fuck I'm like this is the ultra 20 wtf?? door I broke my screen few days later I got the 1 made in Korea wow what a difference I w a s really happy the phone felt high end and not cheap so I belive u must factor were the phones made thank u for ur testing woo
ummithegamerHD tig
ummithegamerHD tig 8 päeva tagasi
i found it 11:47
Leslie Jenkins
Leslie Jenkins 8 päeva tagasi
I'd rather use an S10e then a Surface Duo
Z s2021 5D Chhetri Supriya 5D05
Z s2021 5D Chhetri Supriya 5D05 8 päeva tagasi
Rasha Hassan
Rasha Hassan 8 päeva tagasi
Rasha Hassan
Rasha Hassan 8 päeva tagasi
blah blah blah 😔😔😔
Rasha Hassan
Rasha Hassan 8 päeva tagasi
u worst mr who is the boss
Augustine Delgado
Augustine Delgado 8 päeva tagasi
firefox os, just like the browser is amazing yet people choose crappy browsers like edge and chrome because they just don't understand how much better it is and relatively easy to use
James the Cat
James the Cat 8 päeva tagasi
11:48: nice one sir
Justin Willms
Justin Willms 8 päeva tagasi
I low key want the Marshall phone just as a MP3 player lol
Megueil Phillips
Megueil Phillips 9 päeva tagasi
For me, it would probally be the....the other one😅😅😅😅
Kalkal bal Blox
Kalkal bal Blox 9 päeva tagasi
My iPad costs $1000
Raphi86 9 päeva tagasi
Im missing "palm webOS" in the list. It was as smooth and cleaned up as the first iphone, open as android, had nice card animations, had heavy multitasking abilitys(even in this time), with perfect gesture controls (whats todays standart is in our os's), but lacks the most in hardware... and for me with the unavailabilty of WhatsApp!!!. I think if webos had better Hardware with lager screens and more important the access to more messengers, it would be the third competitor between ios and android today. I would use it today. I cried, because i had to give it away, because all my friends and family started to use whatsapp... And i think im not the only one, who (was forced) to changed because of this reason.
Bob Suliven
Bob Suliven 9 päeva tagasi
I like the LG wing
Gilbert Ortega
Gilbert Ortega 9 päeva tagasi
Can you imagine losing your transparent phone in your house. When I lose my black phone in my house it takes my 30 minutes to find it. Good luck with that lol
kylie tasker
kylie tasker 9 päeva tagasi
I miss my Sony phone but can't buy in Australia any more best camera and music
Sleazy P Martini
Sleazy P Martini 9 päeva tagasi
I don’t know why the slide out keyboard gets so much hate. I’d love one on my phone.
Lol 9 päeva tagasi
The other one😂
Yash Revankar
Yash Revankar 9 päeva tagasi
You were right about LG wing. The LG company is no more. Great prediction 😂
tinbanger66 8 päeva tagasi
No, they just stopped doing phones, which is sad. They made pretty decent to amazing phones. Way better than my last samsung (7).
Versatile Vishal
Versatile Vishal 10 päeva tagasi
Full on comedy.😆🤣
space gaming
space gaming 10 päeva tagasi
11:49 AMOGUS
Fahad Aslam
Fahad Aslam 10 päeva tagasi
Mediatek phones are shit. NEVER buy them. Their day to day performance is literally quite very bad
Kani L
Kani L 10 päeva tagasi
Who was the reviewer that discovered the cheating?
Pawan Munaganuri
Pawan Munaganuri 10 päeva tagasi
List of failed phones Jio phone 12,3 Freedom mobile
JavaMuko 10 päeva tagasi
For the longest time I considered buy the Asus pad, but never committed
MALLELA MANIKUMAR 10 päeva tagasi
Some of the fails that can be included in your list Jio phone 1 Jio phone 2 Jio phone 3 Freedom mobile scam
Tarik X
Tarik X 10 päeva tagasi
Lovin u british guy
Yeet Foil
Yeet Foil 11 päeva tagasi
see how iphone isnt on the list? thats right, screw you android users, go get a life
BobbyThe1st bob
BobbyThe1st bob 11 päeva tagasi
i once had a sony ericsson
Anthony oliva
Anthony oliva 11 päeva tagasi
Me watching part #14 with my Nord10 like: 👁️👄👁️
dd 2456
dd 2456 2 tundi tagasi
My brother got a Nord100 for his b-day not knowing it was on this list
prismstudios001 Päev tagasi
iPad here....I have 3 of them....Awesome things!
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