The Truth about Xiaomi "Air Charging"

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Xiaomi / Mi has just announced True Wireless / Air Charge Technology. It's both incredible, but also filled with caveats...but it still leads to a very interesting future...For why Rugged Smartphones might be a Scam:
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Mrwhosetheboss 2 місяці tagasi
How do 1,000 people manage to comment within 2 minutes!!? Blows my mind, thank you ❤️
Rolling Panda
Rolling Panda 16 päeva tagasi
2:33 Wireless charging works via LF magnetic induction, glass and plastic is pretty much transparent and doesn’t not impact, energy is wasted in the metal coils. This is high school physics do some google/wiki before you try to “educate” the public.
Cheese Місяць tagasi
They type
Family Anonymous
Family Anonymous Місяць tagasi
Push notifications
James Song
James Song Місяць tagasi
I don’t know?
Shain Nobudy
Shain Nobudy Місяць tagasi
What it sounds like to me is going back many years to the time when Nikolai Tesla him self was experimenting with wireless power , one of his ideas was using one Tesla coil as a Field generator and many Tesla coils as receivers , it took very specific frequency tuning and was highly inefficient , i saw this personally in a museum live demonstrated and both coils were about half a meter tall and about 4 inches in diameter . and it did manage to light up a 100W incident light bulb outside of the range of the generating Telsa coils , since every tesla coil generates near the Secondary winding a field that can light up mainly fluorescent bulbs . but from the math behind it it is extremely inefficient . you need to generate provide the generator with Kilowatts of electricity to be able to receive 100s of watts
Morg FPV
Morg FPV 7 minutit tagasi
Gotta say too, if your device power out put while being used and moving around could out way the air charging power. And you could still drain the battery to 0%. Even surfing the enternet or watching EEexs will drain your battery faster than a 10w wall charger keeping up with the usage. Then you have to facto in your phone settings. Screen refresh rate, transmitting and receiving data through blutooth, wifi, cell signal.
Shadowbalance1 8 tundi tagasi
I have a xiaomi note 8 :(
shahriar Kabir
shahriar Kabir 20 tundi tagasi
10: 3
Wavy Plays
Wavy Plays Päev tagasi
Wait I didn’t finish inventing this yet
Bangtanionship Päev tagasi
Arun: " We are never gonna do it" Me: Always thinking of rick roll when anyone say "never gonna"
ZaPro Päev tagasi
funny number in the thumbnail
Nesh Rajah
Nesh Rajah Päev tagasi
Hey man, you have a typo at 2.14. Surrender it and I hope you do well
Avni Agarwal
Avni Agarwal Päev tagasi
0:26 The charge is 69%
WAKE UP !!!!!
WAKE UP !!!!! Päev tagasi
Why don't they all do it
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar Päev tagasi
0:37 the best part he ever said in this whole awesome video lmaoooooooo
Christian Päev tagasi
Why would you need fast charging if you phone is being charged 24/7. I think once wireless charging gets more efficient this will be the future. I'm sure some day even you car will comes with one of these build in
Quan To
Quan To 2 päeva tagasi
Wireless charging is inefficient, but the slow charge is actually good for your battery, because of the low heat produced. Also, radiation is basically light. You are exposed to light 24/7, and you are afraid of radiation of lower frequencies?
Hrach 2 päeva tagasi
It is interesting to know is it possible that aircharging can be done using the internet? I mean turning wireless charging into wireless charging through the internet data and with the emergence of 6G in China it is fascinating to think that this is how aircharging is going to be realized by Chinese companies, such as Xiaomi. Air Charging using Wind and Solar energy is also a possibility I believe and I honestly wish major companies make this reality, but I know I am getting ahead of myself.
Jasper Peñaredondo
Jasper Peñaredondo 2 päeva tagasi
Eeeehhh 0:11
GoldenEye168 2 päeva tagasi
Air Charger... this reminds me of Nikola Tesla who tried to power a town wirelessly... just like Air Charge
coco pro Kostov
coco pro Kostov 2 päeva tagasi
I have an Xiaomi phone
Carlos Pava
Carlos Pava 2 päeva tagasi
is... it safe? Lolllllllllllllll
Alexander Wood
Alexander Wood 2 päeva tagasi
6.96 million subs. Nice
Foo'd Bar
Foo'd Bar 3 päeva tagasi
I'm REALLY not a big fan of this "millimeter wave...untested technology" angle. PLEASE realize that visible light is electromagnetic radiation too, not to mention more energetic and probably more damaging compared to lower frequencies. In terms of wavelengths, starting from couple km in wavelength we have waves we use for AM radios, then in the tens of meters range we have our tv stations, then below that TV stations, then FM radio, then the ScaRy mIlLimeTer WavEs. After that we have our infrared, then visible lights, then ultra violet, x ray, gamma ray, what have you. These are all "radiation". They only differ by frequency. AFAIK, there's nothing special about that specific frequency of light. It's getting to the range where it can't really penetrate structures and whatnot and gets absorbed by the human body, but even higher on the scale we have visible light, (we see around ~half a millimeter), which also can't penetrate structures and gets absorbed by our bodies. I don't really think people consider radiation "damaging" until they get well into ultraviolet. We frequently put ourselves in situations where we absorb so much even higher frequency light that we heat up drastically (say when we sunbath, or just walk in the sun). We know that there are technically downsides to that but nothing is perfectly safe anyways. As far as I know people don't feel so radiated they heat up near 5g towers. Aren't there just bigger concerns?
Michelle Enderink
Michelle Enderink 3 päeva tagasi
Air charging is just way ahead of time. It's to soon.
Maskqt FN
Maskqt FN 3 päeva tagasi
Mind blowing how much ideas these companies have.
Dragongamer543 3 päeva tagasi
students when the battery is removed: *fuck*
Chandni Ck
Chandni Ck 3 päeva tagasi
First half: say something contradictory. Second half: contradict whatever you say in the first half.
Photelegy 4 päeva tagasi
Air charging is not to charge your smartphone but cor your remotes, game controller, keyboard, ... and all the devices that don't need much electricity but you always forget to charge 🤷🏻‍♂️
iidiamxndii 4 päeva tagasi
is no one gonna talk about the phone on the left side on the thumbnail:
Cyborg Gerbil
Cyborg Gerbil 5 päeva tagasi
My concern is what it does to our pets!
Jacki Motopas
Jacki Motopas 5 päeva tagasi
Air charger is the ultimate tool to spy on all of us.
Subenchi 5 päeva tagasi
Just invest in better battery tech please.
Wonderful Timeline
Wonderful Timeline 5 päeva tagasi
I never trust these wireless stuff just like when the remove headphones jack
Lars Huisinga
Lars Huisinga 5 päeva tagasi
Apple: AirPower, Early 2018 Xiaomi: Fu*k you, we got that idea
Berdan Sarıgöl
Berdan Sarıgöl 5 päeva tagasi
If you know about Nikola Tesla's wireless electric distribution experiments, that could worry you.
HypedZ 5 päeva tagasi
So that I can plan on which organs to sell that got me
Erick Quin
Erick Quin 6 päeva tagasi
The idea of wireless charging or wireless power supply was started by the genius Nikola Telsa, even now we can test his teori at school. we called it the Telsa Tower
Àgur Hatia
Àgur Hatia 6 päeva tagasi
Everybody talks about the Xiaomi Air charge but no one is talking about harmful whaves that this can produce for our body !
XepptizZ 6 päeva tagasi
Wirelesss charging is inefficient, but not because the electricity has 'difficulties' passing through plastic or glass. Wireless charging uses induction, not conduction. Basically using electromagnetic fields to create current in the phone part. Electromagnetism has absolutely no difficulty passing through glass or plastic, but the field strength drops off exponentially with distance, regardless of plastic or glass. That's what makes wireless charging ineffecient.
Potamo Potato
Potamo Potato 7 päeva tagasi
0:00 *cripples chair for life*
Anurag Yerramsetty
Anurag Yerramsetty 7 päeva tagasi
It's evolving but just backwards
Extreme Demon
Extreme Demon 7 päeva tagasi
"How much does it cost?? So i can plan which organs to sell." Bruh
danteelite 7 päeva tagasi
This seems suspiciously close the the machine that blasted my cancer to smithereens. Xiaomi cured cancer?! :o Jk. Obviously. Tho it seriously is similar to my radiation therapy.
STEVEN UNIVERSE 7 päeva tagasi
All these Phone Companies are removing things every year it's got me dead can't wait for the Aluminum Frame and that's it
Amk social
Amk social 8 päeva tagasi
No one Literally no one Mrwhosetheboss : 0:39
miva2 8 päeva tagasi
Very good points at the end. I did not think about replacing the battery entirely and having devices last longer. I think this is really interesting technology but not necessarily for smartphones or other household products. I think it is most useful for devices where plugging in a cable is not possible. (Like a driving vehicle. There are likely better solutions but it might be a combination.) My concern is that with all the sensors, as soon as the device is out of reach of the charging station it will consume more power. So you'd have to put charging stations everywhere. Or have a smart way to detect when the device is out of range without consuming much power. Very interesting topic! I think in 5 or 10 years time we'll see much better applications of this tech.
Marky Kilburn
Marky Kilburn 8 päeva tagasi
Mention the almost pitch black screen at 7:29
Edison Ngan
Edison Ngan 9 päeva tagasi
wi-charge better than Xiaomi
kingroblox1251 10 päeva tagasi
Why did u put it at 69%
Lord Kokos
Lord Kokos 8 päeva tagasi
69 is nice
Ethan Raubenheimer
Ethan Raubenheimer 11 päeva tagasi
“Which can charge your phone over the aAaiIiRRrrrhhh...”😂😂😂😂
Grimslade Leviathan
Grimslade Leviathan 11 päeva tagasi
"Batteries degrade every couple of years" Me with my 5 year old phone that still works perfectly: Uh huh, sure, sure
Ethodica 13 päeva tagasi
couldn’t this theoretically charge your phone when there’s a ton of 5G spots everywhere later on
Malik lxml
Malik lxml 13 päeva tagasi
There will be a time you will b charging your brain cells
Zazza 13 päeva tagasi
"It ain't coming" 😂
imANGWRYYY 13 päeva tagasi
Apple's next phone: iPhone air Refund be like: Costumer: I want a refund this doesnt work Apple: Sir we need a proof that our product has a defect Costumer: Wdym its def here right on my hand
Charles Sanders
Charles Sanders 14 päeva tagasi
Since radio has been around for what feels like forever, this is completely tested territory.
Mead Rone
Mead Rone 14 päeva tagasi
The spiffy click phylogenitically trade because tuba prospectively moor afore a languid meteorology. motionless, raspy relation
Ryan 14 päeva tagasi
2:14 inefficient, not inneficcient. Still a nice video tho.
Adrian Stefan
Adrian Stefan 14 päeva tagasi
0:29 This is clear. He is a man of memes and good taste.
Boby G
Boby G 14 päeva tagasi
Even if this still doesn't quite work, you got to appreciate this company is really evolving the Tec market, and most of the timer, for a reasonable price
Animated Cartoon
Animated Cartoon 14 päeva tagasi
hey plz review redmi k40 pro
Strahinja Poptešin
Strahinja Poptešin 15 päeva tagasi
Wtf is air charging
Hi Man
Hi Man 15 päeva tagasi
hi 15 päeva tagasi
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 16 päeva tagasi
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alivin nimi
alivin nimi 16 päeva tagasi
The Boy Without A Pumpkin
The Boy Without A Pumpkin 16 päeva tagasi
God damn all these tech companies, they will not take my spaghetti away
ADVENTURE 162 16 päeva tagasi
At first I though this was an add
Ace of Cakes
Ace of Cakes 16 päeva tagasi
Another problem might be that, it could work fine and charge 5w while standing still. But moving it around could mess with it and the charger would have to relocate it. Then it would also depend on how long it takes to relocate the device, or if it will have some sort of tracker aswell
MC_forlife 17 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or did someone notice the 69 prevent lmao
MC_forlife 17 päeva tagasi
u/555mackereltuna 17 päeva tagasi
69 is a funny number.
Jason Liu
Jason Liu 18 päeva tagasi
7:08 The biggest reason is actually planned and perceived obsolescency. Planned obsolescency: the manufacturer not supporting the devices anymore. At that point you don't receive software updates, and in some case even security updates, which makes it dangerous to use. Perceived obsolescency: phone manufacturers convincing you that your old phone is somehow no longer enough.
Vidya Sagar
Vidya Sagar 19 päeva tagasi
Wow, please do not try to find disadvantages of air charging, it's enough in itself that level of our high technology
GAME FRANKY 19 päeva tagasi
Stop complaining so much. Its a start to a new era... Everything started like this only.
EzrApLAyš 20 päeva tagasi
Doesn’t mean that’s always charging and then also killing the battery
gd rogue
gd rogue 20 päeva tagasi
00:24 NICE
Ava Alford
Ava Alford 20 päeva tagasi
That was one of my ideas that I was hoping phone companies would do but I figured they'd be unsuccessful attempts at first
Remote Suumo
Remote Suumo 20 päeva tagasi
Just because it's not going to cook you, doesn't mean it's safe. The whole "non-ionizing" argument is a moot point. Just because something doesn't kill you doesn't mean it's not harmful in any way shape or form. MM wave technology may not be ionizing but the European Union set a standard back in the 90s because business men were getting sick. MM wave exceeds those standards by a factor of 10.
Remote Suumo
Remote Suumo 20 päeva tagasi
Nikola Tesla creaked this in the 1920q
Saqib Khan
Saqib Khan 20 päeva tagasi
I am sure this is possible but what makes the idea scary is what about the health of the people at some point they will die because of this technology
TheArtOfBoredom 20 päeva tagasi
Lmao the tablet thumbnail 😂 69%
XoXsDamian 21 päev tagasi
1:15 aron is compleining about that the air charging has only 5 watts of power. 2019/early2020 mid range xiaomi phone users: i have 5w 5a wired charging and its still good
Will Fishing
Will Fishing 21 päev tagasi
the fact that they are even working on this tells me it will be a reality eventually.
The Shorts Channel
The Shorts Channel 21 päev tagasi
"Tell me the price so I can plan which organs to sell" - Mrwhosetheboss 2021
Shaheen Jackson
Shaheen Jackson 22 päeva tagasi
What if a could charge another Phone via literally Mid air
Marius 007
Marius 007 22 päeva tagasi
EEVBlog laughs in physics.
Rui Cao
Rui Cao 22 päeva tagasi
Year 2050 in a restaurant: Can you tell me your Air Charger password please?
explosionplayz 23 päeva tagasi
my iPhone 8 does this randomly
Cooller 23 päeva tagasi
haha can't wait to hack this shit and turn your life upside down :D
Atomic Orange
Atomic Orange 23 päeva tagasi
Arun will talk about something changing the future and it will flop. Seems the universe is fcking with you 😂
Pico 24 päeva tagasi
I mean your phone would literally *never* die if this is always on
Sean Lee
Sean Lee 25 päeva tagasi
that's something in its infancy stage but have massive potential. when's the last time apple or Samsung carry out innovations like this rather than recycling the same idea shit over and over again with nothing new playing it safe. i appreciate the balls on xiaomi
Sean Lee
Sean Lee 25 päeva tagasi
imagine plugging in thr air charger and all your girl's vibrators starts going off
dzanangostevcic 25 päeva tagasi
69% nice
Thabo 25 päeva tagasi
me using an air charger and a plug in chager hehe BIG BRAIN
itsyaboi wan
itsyaboi wan 25 päeva tagasi
I like how the thumbnail shows that the phone I charged up to 69%
RobloxRyanYT 8
RobloxRyanYT 8 26 päeva tagasi
5:43 everybody do not use 5G it will damage your brain and damage everything so stay away from 5G much as possible
brunoais 26 päeva tagasi
I really like how you go to approach multiple Points of view of many different people for each topic. It's very fulfilling to see you not doing like most and stick to 1 single POV and only speak about how great the new tech is without talking about the potential problems with them.
djglobol 27 päeva tagasi
Computers back in the day were the size of a living room.
G oh
G oh 27 päeva tagasi
2050: did you know in the early 2000s till the 20s they used to charge phones? Phones were heavy bricks back then
ZeErf reEpz
ZeErf reEpz 28 päeva tagasi
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Messieur Prim's
Messieur Prim's 28 päeva tagasi
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Sam 28 päeva tagasi
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