Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android?

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For the last week I've been using 3 phones, an iPhone, an Android....and a Linux phone. Which one is ACTUALLY better? If you do enjoy then a sub to the channel would be...😉
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Mrwhosetheboss 4 місяці tagasi
What do you think to the new setup? Trying to make the lighting a little better every video! Also, yes, I realise the correct pronunciation is Lin-ux, not Lie-nux - My Bad! 😂
pookiewood 9 päeva tagasi
We can forgive you for that but calling Ketchup a sauce? I'm un-subbing. Okay I'm not. 😁😆
Kiero. Plays
Kiero. Plays 11 päeva tagasi
𝖫𝗂𝖾-𝖭𝗎𝗑'𝗌 𝗍𝖾𝖼𝗁 𝗍𝗂𝗉𝗌
Tug And Thug Computing
Tug And Thug Computing 19 päeva tagasi
DrSpooglemon Місяць tagasi
Tell no Lie-s..
Mal Goodman
Mal Goodman Місяць tagasi
I've got to say I'm surprised you didn't know how to pronounce Linux. It's not like it's a super obscure OS
Dino Spumoni
Dino Spumoni Tund tagasi
Jack Attack
Jack Attack 4 tundi tagasi
linux has a short i
Fzone onebridge
Fzone onebridge 6 tundi tagasi
Sub done
Mr Bee
Mr Bee 9 tundi tagasi
6.9 million subs hahahah
Daimon Blackstar
Daimon Blackstar 11 tundi tagasi
Oh no...You did not just say lie-nux.....("angry linux fans' noises")..nice video anyway
Android TV
Android TV 15 tundi tagasi
Remove Google Apps and get Leenux equivalent.
Spanky 18 tundi tagasi
Well actually Android is based on Linux sooooo...
Ayush Mohite
Ayush Mohite 21 tund tagasi
I love linux but still can't afford the phone 😭😭
Dean Schneider
Dean Schneider Päev tagasi
That PHONE is Garbage!!
Saptarshi Chattopadhyay
Saptarshi Chattopadhyay Päev tagasi
Linux developers should come together to create this ecosystem. I don't know how, but, they most probably like being creative
Blue Swallowtail Butterfly
Blue Swallowtail Butterfly Päev tagasi
Those hardware is features are what I wish to have on any Android phone.
Stephen Fazekas
Stephen Fazekas Päev tagasi
Whats line uxe?
WTHRZ Päev tagasi
*l i e n u c k s*
MenesSlavos Päev tagasi
isn't android already linux?
clint cole
clint cole Päev tagasi
Lin UX not line UX lol 😆
Ms Redeyes
Ms Redeyes Päev tagasi
Tmari bhn bht khuabsurat hogi
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 2 päeva tagasi
I've been using linux mint for about 11 years in my home computer . It's a good os.
Ferby Furben
Ferby Furben 2 päeva tagasi
CODIFFY 2 päeva tagasi
How did I end up here? Not sure but subscribed
Dornick 3 päeva tagasi
Linux is a pc company btw if you dident know
deb patterson
deb patterson 3 päeva tagasi
Erin you're absolutely hilarious! Great reviews I haven't bought a real smartphone since the LG one at dollar general doesn't count, just got it because I needed to video a crime (true) I'm still using my 2015 3G Flip pH because I don't care about pictures and I don't want to be priority notificated because to me a priority is when my father had another heart attack or someone got in a car accident NOT when someone likes my tweets plus I can't afford to buy a new device just because it can put air in my tires ( is that a thing)? Wasn't apple sued because it didn't update the older Phones? I really don't need to use the internet except at home because I get a migraine from looking at a small screen! So in this case bigger is better! Just a idea can you say what country it's available and how much! I unfortunately have a Huawei honor mate tablet WiFi only cuz I'm in the USA and I no longer get updates! Anyhow thanks for your work and entertainment I should cast to tv so I don't get a migraine?
Philippe LeBlanc
Philippe LeBlanc 3 päeva tagasi
Why are your titles got be a "killer "of some sort??? C'mon bruh
Damon Ellis
Damon Ellis 3 päeva tagasi
has anybody pointed out the Android is a Linux OS?
Maltas Con Leche
Maltas Con Leche 3 päeva tagasi
Cool info
Jay D
Jay D 3 päeva tagasi
Android is based on the Linux kernel...
SaSHa Pony
SaSHa Pony 3 päeva tagasi
i think its funny he was like... i think i just said Linus.... when he pronounces linux wrong the ENTIRE video. I realize he realized that he did this via his comment he posted but it was very amusing :P
Yancho D.
Yancho D. 3 päeva tagasi
i just saw a samsung add before watching this!💀🤚
Nurjahan Begum
Nurjahan Begum 4 päeva tagasi
The Linux pronunciation is not correct Dear MrBoss
F. J.
F. J. 4 päeva tagasi
What is this Linux brand & why have I never see. It anywhere before?
Blue Dawn
Blue Dawn 4 päeva tagasi
Looks like Apple may have a future competitor when it comes to privacy and security soon if they become extremely successful if word spreads fast.
Clayton Young
Clayton Young 4 päeva tagasi
Who really says "let me check google maps for traffic jams". Lol
Eric Powell
Eric Powell 4 päeva tagasi
Great video!
Pop Anton
Pop Anton 4 päeva tagasi
the unboxing experience is different: the phone is above and the accessories on the bottom. wow
Clayton Young
Clayton Young 4 päeva tagasi
Its not Lie-Knucks. Its Lennox.
Pritesh Patil
Pritesh Patil 4 päeva tagasi
What's price of this phone
Ibrahim Kalim
Ibrahim Kalim 4 päeva tagasi
5:52 rick roll
Hi Man
Hi Man 4 päeva tagasi
Estevan Valladares
Estevan Valladares 4 päeva tagasi
I think that the main problem with all this still the confusion and mistake about PRIVACY and ANONYMITY. I live in Thailand, and here, me as an Expat, and more so the Thais, we know we have no anonymity whatsoever. I have lived or stayed in other Asian countries, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, etc. While anonymity is hardly a thing, privacy still not that bad in comparison to the West. You see, in the West, you call both one and the same, but you mostly have neither, because anyone with a little bit of tech knowledge know at least 100 people in a city can know where you are doing what anywhere you are in the west. Thinking you are "off the grid" or "unreachable" is simply wishful thinking. How people can know ? Anywhere you are you can be traced by anything being used that might link to something bureaucratic, even if you are not aware of that. If you simply cut yourself from anything, you hardly are not linked to a person who is linked to something that can trace back to you. I have lived in Cape Verde, a country that you can be so isolated despite being in Islands probably in total smaller than NY, and that is because it lacks several things most other countries have. If you do have a phone, you are by definition not anonymous. If you use technology, you are by definition not anonymous. The fact that people CAN KNOW what you did, do or will do is not to say they will check it out, watch it, or prosecute it, despite the fuzz most westerners make about it. In Thailand, in China, in Sri Lanka and in any country I have been, and had friends living in (working among foreign affairs people you know quite a lot of people in quite a lot of places), I know that Russia and Iran too, are much less concerned in spying people than the US, UK, Spain or even Sweden or Norway. One thing countries I have been are concerned is people talking things from their asses without proof or circumstantial evidence. And that is what most of the problem with "censorship" people have. You see, like the minority report jab, you can know physics, you can see a situation, you can be the most intelligent person, you still cant say "the ball will hit the floor" before it does and call it a fact until the ball hits the floor. That is what most people think about censorship. Like I often say to my students: "Very few things are accidents, most happenings are things people ignore their role in making them happening". Likewise, very few and simple things are truths, many of them are just points of view thought to be shared by everyone. That is why privacy, anonymity and reality are objective things people try desperately to make subjective so they can excuse themselves of their responsibility. The only thing is that now companies know how to profit from that, on either side.
M P 4 päeva tagasi
Is this phone able to work on most carriers?
Venkat Babu
Venkat Babu 4 päeva tagasi
Richard Beaumont
Richard Beaumont 5 päeva tagasi
Wasn't it lack of apps that killed the Microsoft phone OS?
Hap 5 päeva tagasi
Great idea having privacy with Linux , but if is made by regular people and developer by anyone and bug free from who knows, how do we know they don't add virus in the Linux ??
Winchester Lyon
Winchester Lyon 5 päeva tagasi
The thing, though, is that Android is Linux.
Endermen1094 5 päeva tagasi
Peaple will sometimes pay other peaple to contribute to the code of an open source for example the linux carnal
armalite 5 päeva tagasi
but android IS a linux distro
Ghaith Ballich
Ghaith Ballich 5 päeva tagasi
1.1.4 ghz thats slow
FBI 5 päeva tagasi
5:52 Another RickRoll.
suman shresth
suman shresth 5 päeva tagasi
Femi Omomo
Femi Omomo 5 päeva tagasi
Important information I need to know about when buying a phone. 1. Wi.Fi interference rejection 2. How well does a phone hold on to the following in bad conditions i.e going into a tunnel or low cell site coverage. A. A call B. Data transmission / Reception C. Wi-Fi What about the distance range comparison of phones for .. LTE data, Bluetooth, Wi-fi Nobody is comparing phones is this way anymore, it would be an interesting way to compare chipsets, IOS VS Android.
Taina Edwards
Taina Edwards 5 päeva tagasi
GREED has fuelled the tech companies instead of making them indestructible like the ol nokia
Rose Ann Art
Rose Ann Art 6 päeva tagasi
Removable battery is really what I need the only thing that a mobile phone won't allow me to last forever is the permanent blown out battery.
Laszlo Uriel
Laszlo Uriel 6 päeva tagasi
Wait, hold on...people only just starting talking about this privacy stuff NOW?? Where was this guy for the past 40 years???
Laszlo Uriel
Laszlo Uriel 6 päeva tagasi
WTH is LYnux??
satakrion kryptomortis
satakrion kryptomortis 6 päeva tagasi
its more the problem that to many just dont give a flick if they are the product of a company.
some dude on the interwebs
some dude on the interwebs 5 päeva tagasi
As long as they spend less $$$, they'll pay in anything else: their privacy, their location, their biometrics, etc.
Gerald Vasquez
Gerald Vasquez 6 päeva tagasi
Love this guy! Enjoy all the reviews
usvc1 6 päeva tagasi
Starve the G%%gle and Apple beasts.
flutter nepal
flutter nepal 6 päeva tagasi
At the last section of vidoe he said who could build such large tech rival systems without profits ... Look who's complaining nd still enjoying the opensource development techs ... Frst research who ve developed linux nd the evolution through the linux nd y he build it ...research .. Money is everything but it's not ... What it means is not everyone intends to work fr profits .. there are someone who are enthusiastic nd extra who r still thriving fr new researchs nd innovations
flutter nepal
flutter nepal 6 päeva tagasi
We're using android os nowadays thanks to linux
Programmer Tux
Programmer Tux 6 päeva tagasi
open source is very old, linux was made in 1991
Little Jimmy
Little Jimmy 7 päeva tagasi
#Cartelphone #Newwave
MeAndYouYt 7 päeva tagasi
Me: *wants a Poco X3 NFC* My mom: *gives me a Librum 5* Also my mom: Do you like it? Me: 0:37
stebopign 7 päeva tagasi
it is like charging 800 for a dumbphone. lols.
Gary Parris
Gary Parris 7 päeva tagasi
linux and open source is the future! the last point is only a problem if you compare with the capitalist world, and time and community is absolutely scalable see Blender, more people are coming around to open source, so no that is not the great argument. you have to get past the existing proprietary system
A J 7 päeva tagasi
Wait. Isn't Android Linux? Android uses Linux open source kernel!
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 7 päeva tagasi
Linux, ios,android,harmony,ui all are in the intetnational market. this is good for consumers.
Ethan C
Ethan C 8 päeva tagasi
Me: Alright, new Windows 10 update. I should install it and restart my computer... *bricks my brand new RTX 3070* The average Linux user: alright, lemme just hack into that main frame to over clock the auto wanker to over 69000 rpm under 5 virtual machines.
Iguana93 8 päeva tagasi
The punchline - the guys making the Linux phone are probably going to use targeted online ads to offer their product to potential customers... :D Because you can't very well sell a product without advertising it somewhere.
Aswath 8 päeva tagasi
No. The answer to your question.
raziel kain
raziel kain 8 päeva tagasi
Ohhhh my next phone in some years.👍when i went to Samsung from Ericsson in the 2000s they were the giant killer, now Android needs a new Giant killer!just found it.Dont worry people will pay cause its worth it.people who will buy that phone has another phone!i have A Samsung and a Nokia .one for calls other for media
Alphonz 8 päeva tagasi
Sid anyone find the Rickroll??? 5:54
Mihaicelmare 8 päeva tagasi
epidemic sound is crappy music
Sannihith Reddy
Sannihith Reddy 8 päeva tagasi
omg he rickrolled us at 5:52 very smart ha?
Flufflet 8 päeva tagasi
lie nucks
Harrison B
Harrison B 8 päeva tagasi
its pronouced lin ux
Steve Kandy
Steve Kandy 8 päeva tagasi
Give it Time, People WILL wake up soon.
Francis Gilbert
Francis Gilbert 9 päeva tagasi
Apps only running in a box? Yeah that was on Windows phone, Microsoft called it sandboxing.
Francis Gilbert
Francis Gilbert 9 päeva tagasi
There are too many sheep for this to catch on. Phone reviewers only care about Samsung and apple so you will only put those phones in videos. N. B. Updates slow down old phones on purpose to get you to buy the latest phone. It is called planned obsolescence.
Francis Gilbert
Francis Gilbert 9 päeva tagasi
Android is Linux
Guillaume Jupiter
Guillaume Jupiter 9 päeva tagasi
Oh, just some news : Huawei is gonna developp their own os based on Sailfish and if fails, will use Russia's AstraLinux.
Guillaume Jupiter
Guillaume Jupiter 9 päeva tagasi
Will someone mention the fact that Android is a Linux-derivated... Just that Android system's database is way more complicated than the original Linux kernel's one.
YOUSEF Khlif 9 päeva tagasi
0:34 rare footage of Minecraft villager
Abdullah 9 päeva tagasi
Nope, iOS & android already enough for people. If windows phone even failed, don’t say about linux. Windows & linux are not destined with phone at all 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Michal 9 päeva tagasi
one day linux will have acess to web browser - no more sttugle with msps, yt hope even email will show
Cool Comments
Cool Comments 9 päeva tagasi
Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? No, Android is built on the Linux kernel.
An Unoriginal Excuse For Unhidden Agenda
An Unoriginal Excuse For Unhidden Agenda 9 päeva tagasi
Umm so yeah that ketchup seen was extremely random lmao
Ahwy angu
Ahwy angu 9 päeva tagasi
You guys do understand android is open source and a linux distro right?
feel the source
feel the source 9 päeva tagasi
It for spy's or hackers
David I
David I 9 päeva tagasi
Great video. Really enjoyed how you approached this subject even though I don't agree with your conclusion. There was a time when everyone thought MySpace was unstoppable until Facebook came along and ate them nearly overnight. And there is more to the open-source revenue model than donations. The three problems you mentioned are big problems, and the Linux community is well aware of them. But, I am optimistic! I have seen so much improvement and such an incredible expansion of new Linux-native hardware that I think the foundations are being laid for Linux to be profitable and competitive in the near future.
Narankhuu 7a
Narankhuu 7a 10 päeva tagasi
mongolian phone hulan 21 review please
Sharad Sonawane
Sharad Sonawane 10 päeva tagasi
Can we hack the world via Linux phone ? 😁
Kazol Hasan Khan
Kazol Hasan Khan 10 päeva tagasi
Need pc app store for Linux
Jaddah 320
Jaddah 320 10 päeva tagasi
abe bhai hindi aur urdu main baat karaa karo yaar pataa nahi kia kia bolte rehte ho english main
Erm e
Erm e 10 päeva tagasi
APPLE_ Printer
APPLE_ Printer 10 päeva tagasi
I hope Linux becomes Android I’d instantly ditch apple
Dummy Account
Dummy Account 10 päeva tagasi
0:34 Minecraft villager
Philemon Petit
Philemon Petit 10 päeva tagasi
Bro no cap your videos are some of the best on youtube keep up the good work. IF YOU DIDN'T SUBSCRIBE DO IT NOW.
rivers joseph
rivers joseph 10 päeva tagasi
I hope so, I can't take it anymore, Google spying on me
gian z
gian z 10 päeva tagasi
That's really strange since Android is actually linux.
SiliquaeSid 10 päeva tagasi
ERM, isn't Android based on Linux?
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