I switched to iPhone - This is what I found out.

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6 months ago I switched from an Android Samsung phone to iPhone - Do I regret it?
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Mrwhosetheboss 4 місяці tagasi
750 comments in the first minute! I legit don't even know how you guys do it 😂 To see why I switched to iPhone in the first place: eeexs.info/dash/ZGhqktGjh2eMf6g/video To see possibly world's largest smartphone collection: eeexs.info/dash/rYWllNB6kKeriIY/video
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha 3 päeva tagasi
@Mrwhoseheboss another way to change wallpaper as a appple user for 6 years is to press the camera roll choose photo press share scroll down and it says set as wallpaper
towkukus 14 päeva tagasi
Mrwhosetheboss where did you buy that blue chair? Is it comfortable?
Matty Owen
Matty Owen 25 päeva tagasi
@dinesh patil and may I ask why would you prefer iphone12Max over all other competitors? Not being pedantic at all but truly would love your views?
Mr. 2cents.
Mr. 2cents. Місяць tagasi
Recently someone changed from Apple to Samsung because in Spoke phones you want create folders... He's utterly happy now.
A 2 місяці tagasi
If Apple made cars they'd update - just for the hell of it - the position of the accelerator, brake, clutch
Elias Taylor
Elias Taylor 34 minutit tagasi
Samsung in particular has the best displays, so switching to aplple can be disappointing for viewing or gaming. Ya iPhones look OK bit no mores sexy curved edges😂
Joshy Woshy
Joshy Woshy 2 tundi tagasi
My ass over here with a Nokia 3310
2dawgz 3 tundi tagasi
Your paying for the Name simple!! end of. S10e wins forever!!!. Regarding updates I dont care long as apps update.
SP649 says hi
SP649 says hi 4 tundi tagasi
I think the original tilte: I switched to iphone - This is why
Umal Mo
Umal Mo 7 tundi tagasi
Dude I’m only watching this cuz your voice is so satisfying
Slim cucumber
Slim cucumber 8 tundi tagasi
*just got rickrolled
silkro4d 10 tundi tagasi
why to buy a new phone if same like last one ?
Herobrine YT
Herobrine YT 11 tundi tagasi
Ima get an iPhone SE1 to se if I like Apple,a cheap option but I think it is worth trying
bubaks2 12 tundi tagasi
You didn’t talk about privacy either.
Iwant ToHelpyou
Iwant ToHelpyou 12 tundi tagasi
Am I the one who being rickrolled with. This video. ( look at the apple logo.)
bubaks2 12 tundi tagasi
I think the biggest difference between the two most ppl dont talk about is the privacy agreement .
tomtwr3 13 tundi tagasi
Why do you compare a new IPhone to an old Samsung?? Also Apple is a more expensive infrastructure for features that are free on Samsung?
Kennyjive 16 tundi tagasi
I'm making the switch after using a MacBook for work and now personally. I thought about the same things he brought up though. Then I realize that I've literally been setting every new android up the exact same way for years. I don't utilize the customization and my typical setup mimics iOS. I don't take pictures where an intense zoom is necessary and the photos still look great on iOS. Video seems to be miles ahead on iOS though. Hardware wise, the smooth refresh rate is nice and I'd miss the easiness of the fingerprint and some gestures but I'm fine with that. It'll be an exciting journey.
Duane Dempster
Duane Dempster 18 tundi tagasi
So what you're saying is your ok with 'boring'...? Because nothing you said would make me consider an iPhone... especially since it is now official to be sub-par... including the "least differences between models" is a good thing (?) - basically meaning if you get the latest iPhone you're probably falling further and further behind because the previous model much good either. What astounds me is people pay a premium to be locked and restricted... Why?
firedancer Päev tagasi
*me at first: we lost another user to apple, sire.* *right now: trods to the ipad pro 2021*
NJcinemaHD Päev tagasi
i just don'T like how the company apple operates and the compatibility stuff. Also, as a tech enthusiast, i dislike having less access to settings and software. I do understand how iphones are perfect for people, who don't want to ever think about the phone and how to optimize it, and what specs are important, so it definitely has its place:)
TheKingNekro Päev tagasi
One of the the things for me is that Apple is the richest company in the world and yet they still find new ways to be greedy constantly, but then try to convince people that it's a good thing. Like I just can't support a company that is more worried about getting rid of features and value than actually innovating the marketplace in ways that people actually care about. Purposely slowing down old models, choosing to use proprietary cables for no reason when a global standard exists, removing buttons and forcing everyone to use gestures, never including a microSD card slot yet charging stupid amounts just to get a model with more storage, removing the headphone jack(then not including the dongle or lightning headphones in the box anymore), choosing not to support RCS text messaging because "they can't ensure it's secure" yet continuing to use ancient SMS which is way less secure(because they want to keep people locked into thinking iMessage is a necessity), removing the fingerprint sensor(RIP people who have to wear a mask all day), not including a fast charger in the box, not including ANY charger in the box, and now we're gonna sit here and remove charging ports completely?? lol I'M GOOD ON THAT ONE! Have fun! That's before even getting into them constantly being behind in features and customization in general and having to copy multi-year old ass Android features. Still no high refresh rate screen, was late af to the game on fast charging+wireless charging+big batteries, 12 years late on widgets, PIP video players, still no true app drawer, still no true themes, no Always On display, limited choice on default apps, wayy late to the game on OLED, still lacking in battery size, still having them big ass notches at the top of the screen when Androids have had nearly bezel-less displays for years, etc etc. Yeah I'm good... tried iPhone for a year, got double charged for an in-app purchase, had a horrible experience with a rude customer help staff member who refused to refund the charge, so I switched back to Android and I have 0 temptation to ever switch back. The only parts I really gotta give Apple credit on is their great video stabilization, and releasing software updates for devices for more time. Aside from those 2 things, I couldn't care less about anything the iPhone has to offer and am much happier with my endless list of Android devices to choose from.🤷‍♂️
Jaylincry Päev tagasi
the iphone issue is when it is lost. they should focus more on ways to find it. The FIND MY feature does not detect iphone when it is not connected to an internet or when the battery is dead. Also focus on its security that no one can hack it and bypass icloud id and reuse the phone. no one can change the imei or serialnumber. they should make it unusable when it is not in the hands of the true owner. for an expensive phone
Robert Horvat
Robert Horvat Päev tagasi
Still not SLOVENIAN language! Means nothing to you, but Android has it for centuries.
bananaman24 Päev tagasi
Like how the guy who sung never gonna give u up was playing on the apple simbole
Nimali Dilanka
Nimali Dilanka Päev tagasi
Rick rolled miserably i am not once but twice, to exile i must go to hide from shame i had bought
cxcked Päev tagasi
I just got rickrolled from a Mac
TEAM FLØOD Päev tagasi
Am I the only one who always gets Snapdragon processor ad everytime I play video in this channel.
syeda kazmi
syeda kazmi Päev tagasi
3:23 don't worry mate I understand u. Happens to the whole iPhone community 😁
David Fredlund
David Fredlund Päev tagasi
6:26 That logo kinda sus doe
Nilay Didolkar
Nilay Didolkar Päev tagasi
Well, CyberGhost is the best VPN for Macs. That's how they have marketed it.
Erom Olivo
Erom Olivo Päev tagasi
My only problem with Apple is that it is more restrictive.. more for those who uses a mobile phone for basic purposes... I prefer Android phones for my lifestyle and iPad for Entertainment.
Duane Bailey
Duane Bailey 2 päeva tagasi
Sadly apple uses slave labor and is backed by the chinese government so I cant allow myself to fund that sort of thing.
Ali Fahad
Ali Fahad 2 päeva tagasi
One problem I found in Iphone is the clarity of the head speakers
Tyranny 2 päeva tagasi
At 6:27 we got rickrolled
LINCS 2 päeva tagasi
from a crossover functionality and workflow pov the Apple environment is a no-brainer
Corvo 2 päeva tagasi
Its sucks because snapchat and instagram and any social media that records is made mostly for iphone...so it makes samsungs camera look bad
NABEEHA ZAIDI 2 päeva tagasi
the icon thing is wrong
NABEEHA ZAIDI 2 päeva tagasi
camera boring? what a line
MOBELEASH 2 päeva tagasi
Hard to beat the features of an iPhone. mobeleash
James Ambrocio
James Ambrocio 2 päeva tagasi
Apple and Samsung cults be like: *Peace was never an option.*
SatelliteOffice 2 päeva tagasi
I have an Note 20 ultra and a Samsung Galaxy Book S, I make calls send texts all the time from laptop. What is he talking about? Been doing that awhile. That ain't new. Definitely not native to Apple.
SatelliteOffice 2 päeva tagasi
Boring, I could not look at that ugly home screen. The reason I buy a phone is for customization and I love Samsung's software apps. Note, I rely on and sync from my laptop and phone. DEX, is like having another laptop with another OS. The side panel a must. Pen and pen menu a must. To be able to write on your screen especially when taking screenshots a must. Too scroll capture and entire webpage and write on ti a must. Love the email app. The gallery app let's me do incredible creative stuff. That IPhone would be in the garbage for me. The screen notch is extremely dated and the hardware looks like crap.
Firerocket 3 päeva tagasi
I bought an iphone se 3 weeks ago att come by to hook up my internet really good $55 unlimited 300 mpbs upload/download. and i got a one time deal on an iphone 12 so i traded my iphone se in i got 290$ for it 700$ off my iphone 12. i only owe 150 for my phone and i can upgrade to the next new one when it comes out. Im only paying about 5$ a month for my iphone 12 pay off. i am very pleased. i got hbo max for free :D
Miss Fran
Miss Fran 3 päeva tagasi
I live in China and using any android phone Chinese version as a foreigner is a PAIN in the ass😖😖😖 and that is why I changed to iPhone and will never go back again to a life of not being able to download simple apps like EEexs 🤦🏽‍♀️
Poopagedon Guy
Poopagedon Guy 3 päeva tagasi
I always know if people are filming with an iPhone because they will all look orange
who are you
who are you 3 päeva tagasi
John Smith
John Smith 3 päeva tagasi
For Budget Phones you can NOT beat Android!!
J A 3 päeva tagasi
Can you compare surf shark and IPVanish please ? Excellent video, I went from android to iPhone 12 Pro Max, can it believe I didn’t change earlier. In a different league. Everything is just so quick and ready to go.
RL3D//Real Life 3D// Carmelo
RL3D//Real Life 3D// Carmelo 3 päeva tagasi
9:07 I disagree with you. The iPhone 12 doesn't have a charger so they did not keep the charger from iPhone 2G. Just a critic.
Dougthepug 3 päeva tagasi
If you go into your gallery and select a photo, press share, scroll to the left select more and select wallpaper... easier than any relationship I swear
Shaikh Farhan
Shaikh Farhan 3 päeva tagasi
6:27 look at the left tv😂
parvez mosharaf
parvez mosharaf 3 päeva tagasi
Sir i am big fan of your Video.... 🥰🥰i am from Bangladesh. 🥰🥰
Paulo Vicente
Paulo Vicente 4 päeva tagasi
It's a good advertisement from Apple.
Conky 4 päeva tagasi
I'm going back to iPhone. Done with Samsung.
TheWeedyapl 4 päeva tagasi
It's 2021 and my ipad still can't use Files to open an NTFS share over the network. Apple can have the best phones and laptops in the world but until they unlock iOS and MacOS I won't be back...
Will King
Will King 4 päeva tagasi
That cat made me yawn
Ben 10
Ben 10 4 päeva tagasi
I can see the Godzilla vs kong effects ..
XxBlurry 4 päeva tagasi
Why break ip
Michael 4 päeva tagasi
Will just point out that you can do most of what you spoke about at the end on android. Like taking calls on windows PC, using mobile hotspot, handing off websites even sharing clipboard. Sure it's not as seamless as apple but then you don't need to own a load of Samsung products to benefit from it. If you have a load of apple products already then iphone makes sense but if you really want android phone but also have a mac then you're quite limited on getting them to work nicely. Whereas with android I can for example stream to my LG smart TV without it needing to have airplay and I can stream my windows 10 gaming laptop screen to my TV no problem too. My mom's Galaxy A21s can also stream to TV but my ipad...nope no can do. Gotta buy apple TV if I want to stream to my LG TV. I get iphones are great in terms of UI design and consistency but no one talks about the extra little bits that could make a difference. Like just try copying a youtube vid link then go to safari on your iphone and download the video as either an mp4 or an mp3 onto your iphone. Bet you can't do it. Now you could claim that apple are protecting copyrighted material but it stops nothing as you can still download it onto your mac then airdrop onto iphone but it takes such much more steps to do. Or try opening camera app and changing the video resolution without leaving the camera app. Sure It would be great if android had unified updates, better design choices, more consistent UI and better privacy but those things for me personally don't outweigh the many extra features and benefits of android like split screen apps for example.
Juan Ornelas
Juan Ornelas 4 päeva tagasi
Stop it apple is the Landrover of phones overpriced trash
gamerxlolli 4 päeva tagasi
i’ve literally never noticed any of these things and the only smartphone i’ve ever used is an iphone-
Liam McNaughty Burke
Liam McNaughty Burke 4 päeva tagasi
6:27 boys we got rickrolled
Kaspa 4 päeva tagasi
10:43 this got me 😂😂😂😂
A 4 päeva tagasi
You can easily use an iphone for 6 years no problem. Well worth the money tbh.
CJB Productions
CJB Productions 5 päeva tagasi
I perfer Samsung
Brent Richie Fernandez
Brent Richie Fernandez 5 päeva tagasi
6:27 there's something wrong in the background
Noobify is a zebra
Noobify is a zebra 5 päeva tagasi
6:29 y u rickroll us
Austin Newcomer
Austin Newcomer 5 päeva tagasi
If iPhone had 120Hz screen, it’d be ridiculous. I still find it much better and still just as snappy or more snappy than Android.
Aryan Choudhury
Aryan Choudhury 5 päeva tagasi
I like iOS cause it's minimalist
F. J.
F. J. 5 päeva tagasi
I hope like hell that ppl are pushing Apple for EASIER Home Screen customization especially for the icons. I was so excited about iOS 14 & customization only to be hugely disappointed with how it works. It’s along complicated process that takes 2hrs!🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️💀
SVT's my addiction
SVT's my addiction 5 päeva tagasi
I'm considering changing to iphone again after 4 years of loving galaxy. This video helped a lot! Thank you
IWantCoffee 5 päeva tagasi
6:28 wtf
Ronnie Safar
Ronnie Safar 5 päeva tagasi
5:19 there’s no way he’s using that iPhone on the right. I looks like a video is playing on it and he’s just moving his finger with it.
Mason500 5 päeva tagasi
Fake accent
Muhammad Aaqil
Muhammad Aaqil 5 päeva tagasi
I love how he consistently rickrolls us
Katru 5 päeva tagasi
An iPhone makes a very clingy partner :)
Its_ V3loc1tyy
Its_ V3loc1tyy 6 päeva tagasi
Play genshin impact in the highest graphics and it’s the one thing iPhone cant handle at that rate I tried it
nine ball
nine ball 6 päeva tagasi
You smart ass! 2 commercials right before your answer?! LoL, jk your channel is awesome! Glad to see you being successful with content that delivers on promises.
Twitch_Flow_YT 6 päeva tagasi
the reason the iphone blurs easier is because of the Live Photo feature but you need to turn it on.
Divyanshu Sethia
Divyanshu Sethia 6 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else noticed the Rickroll on background ? 😂😂
needleninja 6 päeva tagasi
Those chargers from apple break down faster than Samsung. Glad my phone is more sustainable.
Ternauwies 6 päeva tagasi
Iphone sucks with battery life in daily use and gets a lot worse a year later.
Divyang Pastagiya
Divyang Pastagiya 6 päeva tagasi
All the productivity features already their with Windows + Android from ages !! Seems you haven't used Gdrive, windows Phone or hotspot !!! Chrome also provide 'Send to ....' option while browsing !!! Overall smooth exp is always been usp of iPhone ! But Samsung Note series always preferred over iPhone for below readons !! 1. S-pen 2. Screen Quality & infinity display 3. Productivity shortcuts & features
Mr. Sunshine
Mr. Sunshine 6 päeva tagasi
Iphone is an investation. After 3 years, 2nd phone of iphone and samsung would be $200 difference when we want to sell them. It's kinda worth it, isnt?
finleypalmer09 YT
finleypalmer09 YT 6 päeva tagasi
Oh cool I went to Blenheim light show. The thing you took a picture in (those flowery lights) had a million of them there!!!! Wish I had saw you there.
Bob Vance
Bob Vance 6 päeva tagasi
6:27 us just casually getting rickrolled in the left background
emilija m
emilija m 6 päeva tagasi
customisation on iphones is either : 2 minutes or 4 hours
Ashar Jaman
Ashar Jaman 6 päeva tagasi
Iphones ios and processor is really good
Diana Acena Evangelista
Diana Acena Evangelista 6 päeva tagasi
Battery: *drains fast cutely*
FBI 6 päeva tagasi
6:26 Damn i just got rickrolled.
Mankarn Singh
Mankarn Singh 7 päeva tagasi
Uuuuuuu playyyyy chesssss
My Opinions
My Opinions 7 päeva tagasi
I can't give up my modded apps and free streaming apps. If android would fix the sms/mms and apps would be optimized like on iOS. Like snapchat and IG/fb. Use a screenshot of your camera vs the actual camera. And being able to send uncompressed photo and video in a native text/call app. The lines would be blurred
Melika Zehr
Melika Zehr 7 päeva tagasi
Traitor!!! Hahahaha
ItzGlottis 7 päeva tagasi
Look at the left at 6:27
Phillip Swapp
Phillip Swapp 7 päeva tagasi
Did any one else see that guy dancing in the apple logo behind him to the left? It was at 6:25
Michael Young
Michael Young 7 päeva tagasi
6:26 rickroll
Cesar Amaral
Cesar Amaral 7 päeva tagasi
I don't see me using an iPhone at any time soon. It's a good phone, they have a good ecosystem and software and that for many people it's enough, but I can't let go of the freemdom android gives me. Many have told me "what you want a phone for? you want a PC you buy a PC" and for me it isn't a matter of "I'm buying a phone, I should treat it as a phone" but instead how I can use that piece of hardware, that I paid dearly for, for the many things I do, and if I somehow grow tired of it, how can I repurpose it to fit my need. I don't trash Apple's products, but I understand they're not for me and that's fine.
Linda 7 päeva tagasi
I personally hate apple products 😅
NSP Beats
NSP Beats 7 päeva tagasi
Can I get one? Since you don’t want it😂jk
Poopagedon Guy
Poopagedon Guy 7 päeva tagasi
Mrwhosetheboss ‘whined’ about the s20 ultra because of how slow and power consuming it was
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 7 päeva tagasi
I phone X,11,12,12 max all has same display design only features,hardware and software are different. Expensive i phone must be unique different design. Android fones are best and resonable choices for all.
1697djh 7 päeva tagasi
Your eyes can not see the difference between a 60hz refresh rate of higher, so why pay for something you can’t see!
Kristene Joy Adolfo
Kristene Joy Adolfo 7 päeva tagasi
I really appreciate your perspective in creating this video. Big help 👏🏼👊🏼
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