Dear Apple.
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Who has the WORST Customer Service?
STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
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How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY works.
The BEST Smartphones of 2021!
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The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀
The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.
OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW
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Oppo Find X3 Pro Review - wait WHAT!?
A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.
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Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?
Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
What you didn't know about Xiaomi.
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🌸Classy_Kiara🌸 22 tundi tagasi
No more aesthetic backgrounds peeps
Sunnysuns so!
Sunnysuns so! 22 tundi tagasi
I can see the future coming like from all those cartoons-
Burssty 22 tundi tagasi
Okay, I want these
Xninja 22 tundi tagasi
I swear down all his vids are neat
Kitsune 22 tundi tagasi
Tbh company’s prob watch this mans vids
HellenKillerProject 22 tundi tagasi
So crazy. I have the Pixel 2XL and it is crazy how they managed to go backwards so fast. I'm thinking far back for this but it reminds me of how Commodore VIC-20 was great and then the 60! Commodore made everything proprietary and that was the end. By the time they started to build "Windows PC Clones" it was all over. If you can get a piece of pie take it or someone else will. It is never a good choice to reduce the specs unless you discount the product to match. If Google was banking on the cell market as bread and butter it would be really ugly. When you do muck up, the answer isn't to spend resources to make optional versions of the same thing. The answer is to do it better. Blackberry had too much invested and were blinded by the success they had at one time. It is harder to recover than maintain. It is easy to get the "Big Head" and think that your former performance gives you a free pass on stupidity.
Rose 22 tundi tagasi
Dude, the Cybertruck was a PR stunt.
Dmitry R
Dmitry R 22 tundi tagasi
So, what's the title about then? Everything you said in this video makes the Nothing Ear (1) look like a better buy than pretty much any other earphones out there.
Lem 56
Lem 56 22 tundi tagasi
One of the cool things LG did that I havnt seen is how they tackled dual screen without charging a ridiculous price. LG GX8 is abit older but. Thier dual screen is a phone's not charging a ridiculous price like the foldable phones and stuff we see now. They was able to have the phone case be an extension of the phone by having a screen on the case that connects to the phone
bruh hello
bruh hello 22 tundi tagasi
wai- so u have a team! INRODUCE US TO THEM (i know this as u were saying our studio)
Raghav Shukla
Raghav Shukla 22 tundi tagasi
Presentation 💯
Frost 22 tundi tagasi
Then: Your calling device has a good camera Now: Your camera has a good calling device
Ocre 22 tundi tagasi
It's a prank
Abdul Wasif • 15 years ago
Abdul Wasif • 15 years ago 22 tundi tagasi
"How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?" People: "Oh no what should I do?" Me: "Does this mean I am famous?"
Waqas 22 tundi tagasi
One third price of the airpods pro, which is benchmark for most reviewers, getting 8/10 is justifies the effort of NOTHING.
NoobSlayer 22 tundi tagasi
how to break your driver 101
LuqmanLSG 22 tundi tagasi
Absolutely no hate man, but just curious as to why the movie Justice League counts as a Tech Fail?
Chimera 22 tundi tagasi
Apple: Nothing is better than AirPods. "Nothing" Stock Market: 📈
P,ewDieP,ie 22 tundi tagasi
Danm you said it so fast 😅 iphone12iphone12pro jesus
AJ Mauricio
AJ Mauricio 22 tundi tagasi
Great review. I’m still gonna stick with my AirPods Pro’s. Hopefully Nothing comes out with more cool things to keep the competition lively
1170stoo 22 tundi tagasi
I'm pleasantly surprised :)
sic22l 22 tundi tagasi
Arun, the only reviewer who said that battery life is anything more than mediocre.
Passionfruit 22 tundi tagasi
*Hello,as displayed in here we are all for innovation and put up our best work* (phone not imcluded)
Bill Franks
Bill Franks 22 tundi tagasi
Thankyou Aron sorry if your name spelt wrong
Rajan Adhikari
Rajan Adhikari 22 tundi tagasi
Vinayak P
Vinayak P 22 tundi tagasi
Broo where is OnePlus Nord 2 review???? waiting 😭😭
Martin Roosjen
Martin Roosjen 22 tundi tagasi
Snyders cut was not better. Just longer and darker. Becouse he added a lot of extra scenes, a lot of dialog does not make sendce at all, and he tried to make an superhero movie in some weird arthouse format. The original is better,
bruhmomentnuri 22 tundi tagasi
I don't understand how the cyber truck was a fail like it broke but if that was a normal car the window wouldn't exist anymore
MIRA1529 22 tundi tagasi
Fried Corns
Fried Corns 22 tundi tagasi
U explains sound better than my physics teacher does
Gem Bocobo
Gem Bocobo 22 tundi tagasi
a proof that there will always be idiots falling for such scams from scum
Ok Lol
Ok Lol 22 tundi tagasi
We introduce you to ultra super mega pro plus airpods max
Zei 22 tundi tagasi
I used to own a 6s and the battery life was extra long for me-
Mythical_Dragon194 22 tundi tagasi
Am i the only one who wonders what he does with all these phones after recordng his videos?
BAZY GAMING 22 tundi tagasi
My 280$ iqooz3 is better than samsung s21 + i kg gold. My phone has a unique feature called camera which we cannot find in 17000$ phone
Prajjwal Jha
Prajjwal Jha 22 tundi tagasi
4:55 what's the name of the music?!!! Seems nostalgic but I've no idea where it's from
Alberto Barboza
Alberto Barboza 22 tundi tagasi
Objective review! 👍
Stošić 22 tundi tagasi
Why is my dad's old Galaxy S9 have better camera and better zoom quality than my Galaxy S20? Fuck you samsung, im done with you.
Markovicsable 22 tundi tagasi
You know what is an 8/10 fail? You swiping right just so the video transitions to the left. You need to talk with your editor.
Jazzypach 22 tundi tagasi
Thank you for your vids you are. Amazing
Aryan Bartwal
Aryan Bartwal 22 tundi tagasi
11:04 Don't watch his this fail....please i beg you
Jibo tv
Jibo tv 22 tundi tagasi
How I wish you could donate some to me 😔
CloudsGirl7 22 tundi tagasi
"The only reason we're able to have apps like Instagram and Uber is because of 3G." ...I don't think you're making a case in favor of faster internet. 😆
Desmond Teh
Desmond Teh 22 tundi tagasi
Check out QI Group's products. They also fake product (AKA scam) as well
Ranti Oyebode
Ranti Oyebode 22 tundi tagasi
So you're 25?
Sadegh Jafari
Sadegh Jafari 22 tundi tagasi
Road to 10M
Cod Mobile
Cod Mobile 22 tundi tagasi
A legend was born
youarenotaghost 22 tundi tagasi
Candace Owens is a professional shill.
Big Fat Chicken
Big Fat Chicken 22 tundi tagasi
His phone costs more than my house :/
Saran Chowdhury
Saran Chowdhury 22 tundi tagasi
Arun is a blink (Blackpink fan)
Capri 416M
Capri 416M 22 tundi tagasi
u just sneaking that astley mask in every vid
《 Musical _ Galaxie 》
《 Musical _ Galaxie 》 22 tundi tagasi
Me : IM ON ANDROID!! Me : "sees a new phone model" Me : *cries on samsung J2*
Mario Mastr
Mario Mastr 22 tundi tagasi
jeffery prestonplayz besos
MIKO 22 tundi tagasi
Turns out west have more dumb people
mehmet gurdal
mehmet gurdal 23 tundi tagasi
I appreciate your effort but you should cover like 80% of these. This is what a tech youtuber's job should be.
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 23 tundi tagasi
8:25 Never Gonna Give You Up?
Mlaga Thomason
Mlaga Thomason 23 tundi tagasi
And you can get kz iems for 20 Bucks
hengoulal haokip
hengoulal haokip 23 tundi tagasi
ATOM 23 tundi tagasi
So, Arun You listened to me and you showed more of your cat Nice...I love it Aside from that I really love your videos
Meera Ravala
Meera Ravala 23 tundi tagasi
Waluigi 23 tundi tagasi
7:34: red green blue. Nintendo Xbox PlayStation
haben misghinna
haben misghinna 23 tundi tagasi
i’m still on 3G 😭😭
Oliver World
Oliver World 23 tundi tagasi
Who else here watching this when he has 7.85 mill subs
Bowl Of Carrots
Bowl Of Carrots 23 tundi tagasi
Zarrx 23 tundi tagasi
PS Vita homebrew is insane tho
JoBu Gaming
JoBu Gaming 23 tundi tagasi
im just curious why "MKBHD"
Mohen M_A_C
Mohen M_A_C 23 tundi tagasi
Is it just me or does the design of the case looks like number 1 diagonally in a box? 04:29
Mohamed Ahlam
Mohamed Ahlam 23 tundi tagasi
8:26 n- never gonna give you up?
Fat Boy's Garage
Fat Boy's Garage 23 tundi tagasi
I've had better luck with Apple customer support than I've ever had with Samsung.
Zare 23 tundi tagasi
Anyone: what's that in your ear? Me: Nothing.
Arian Shabgeriar
Arian Shabgeriar 23 tundi tagasi
Random guy: "Hey what are those for kind of earbuds? Me: "Pretty cool right? It's Nothing.
Diego Nei
Diego Nei 23 tundi tagasi
Note to self: Never try to adjust screen settings based on super saturated Mrwhosetheboss videos.
Riley does stuff
Riley does stuff 23 tundi tagasi
14:17 the xbox one is a Xbox 360 E
MADFSC 23 tundi tagasi
I've been telling for so many months dont give up on android and then you make another video against apple
killerB 187 R.O.D stunna
killerB 187 R.O.D stunna 23 tundi tagasi
Eventually what is going to happen, is one of those big companies going to buy them over if they fail, if they don't fail it's going to make that company bigger and bigger and we would have a new contender. It's a bummer you cannot get Google store in purchase apps all technology.